Please note that before the halls may be used all user/user groups will need to meet with the Caretaker (Mrs Flick Brockman on 07543 648 982 or 01580 291320) to be briefed on safe use of the facilities and the users specific requirements.

If you are interested in hiring the halls please contact our Caretaker, Mrs Flick Brockman (details on the Contact page). To get an idea of costs, please consult our Hire Rates:

VHSC Hall Hire Rental Rates with effect from October 2023

For first time users Flick will arrange to meet you to discuss your requirements, and to go through the formalities of hiring the hall. You will be asked to sign a Rental Agreement, and she will also run through the ‘Conditions of Hire’ and ‘Health and Safety Policy’, which you can download from the links below. Please read these carefully.

Downloadable pdfs:

Rental Agreement for Hire of Hall

Standard Conditions of Hire

VHSC Hall Rental Rates October 2023

Health and Safety Policy (includes Emergency Procedure and Evacuation Plan)

Village Halls and facilities:

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Old Hall

New village hall Biddenden

New Hall

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